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Your First Workspace

This tutorial will walk you through setting up your first Magniv project. Welcome to the future ✨


Make sure you have installed Magniv.

Set up the repo

Magniv workspaces are generated from a pre-existing Github repo. We will start by setting up a new repo.


Feel free to skip ahead and fork our Hello World repo 🍴

The /tasks folder

Let's create a folder called tasks at the root of our project. When building your workspace, Magniv will recursively find and productionize all tasks in this folder.

Tasks folder screenshot

Create /tasks/requirements.txt

Every Magniv project requires at least one requirements.txt. Each task you create will use the closest requirements.txt. Read more about how Magniv handles requirements in File Structure.

For now, we only need magniv in our requirements file.


Creating a data task

We are finally ready to create and productionize our first data task!

All we need to do is create a Python function and decorate it with our Magniv @task decorator.

Let's create a file called and import magniv.

from magniv.core import task

def hello_world():
print("Hello world")

Testing our task

The easiest way to test our task is to run directly. Let's just add two lines first to call our function safely.

if __name__ == '__main__':

Now just run our file with python tasks/ to test that it works.

Push to Github

Don't forgot to commit your new data task and push the Github repo!

$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'my first magniv task!'
$ git push

Create a new Magniv workspace

Log into your Magniv account and click the "Create New Workspace" button on the top right. Use the dropdown to select our new Github repo.

Create workspace screenshot

Please note: Workspaces take some time to set up, but we will email you when it is ready!


🎉 Congratulations! In this getting started guide, you:

  1. Created a Magniv-compatible Github repo
  2. Wrote your first data task
  3. Tested your data task
  4. Scheduled and deployed your task to Magniv

What's next?

Play around with the Magniv web-UI. Create some new data tasks and watch them automatically deploy.